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A curriculum-based program focused on cultivating leaders in our community. 


A Challenge for the Future







Little did they know that this relatively small "ask" would initiate a much larger, much deeper conversation about investing in the future of the Leadership Nebraska City program -- and ultimately, investing in the people of our community. 

A short time later, the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund (NCCFF) issued a challenge grant to Leadership Nebraska City, with guidelines as follows:

  • Leadership Nebraska City raises $10,000; NCCFF matches $5,000.

  • Once the minimum goal is met, NCCFF will match $500 for each $1,000 in additional funds raised by Leadership Nebraska City up to an additional $5,000.

  • Final goal: $20,000 is raised by LNC; NCCFF will match $10,000

  • Total Amount Raised: $30,000


How will Leadership Nebraska City use $30,000?

  • Create an Endowment Fund with earnings to secure the financial future and continuation of the Leadership Nebraska City program.

  • Provide skills training sessions for current classes, Alumni, and the greater community.

  • Provide scholarships for future class members.

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How can you help?

Give Your Time: Volunteer

  • Tell others about the Leadership Nebraska City program.

  • Communicate leadership opportunities in our city.

  • Share your story in the Leadership Nebraska City Spotlight.

  • Serve on the Leadership Nebraska City Advisory Committee.

Give Your Talents: Skills

  • Assist the coordinator for a Leadership Nebraska City day.

  • Mentor an LNC class participant through the year and help them get connected in the community after graduation.

Give Your Treasure: Donate 

All contributions to Nebraska Community Foundation are tax-deductible. The Nebraska Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, and has met the nation’s highest philanthropic standards of operational quality, integrity and accountability. 



Have questions? We'd love to answer them.
Please send an email to for a speedy response. 



Donate Now to Leadership Nebraska City

In August 2015, Leadership Nebraska City Class #10 approached the Nebraska City Community Foundation for a $500 contribution to the scholarship fund that they'd established as their class project. 

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